Monday, May 10, 2010

Got the goods on the Tax Office? Now's your chance

If you've had a problem getting your tax return, the man charged with inquiring into the ''confusion, frustration and anger'' surrounding the new Tax Office new computer system wants to hear from you.

Taxation Inspector General Ali Noroozi has called for submissions by June 7 in order to compile evidence for the inquiry ordered by the Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry.

"I am looking for experiences backed up by documentation," he told the Herald.. The Tax Office has told me there were only two problems with the switch over, both the result of human error. I want to know whether there were more."

The new computer system commissioned on Australia Day sent out refund letters without refund cheques and letters advising that money had been deposited in the the accounts of taxpayers who had not given the Tax Office account details...

Mr Noroozi said he had already received a log of complaints from industry associations running into the hundreds.

"I am expecting many more, but I need them backed up with evidence so that if necessary I can challenge what the Tax Office is telling me," he said.

A notice placed on the Tax Office website apologises for delays and says all returns are now being processed properly.

"The introduction of our new system was a one-off event, replacing a system more than 30 years old," the letter from Tax Commissioner Michael D’Ascenzo says. "We converted 27 million taxpayer records, 32 million accounts and 282 million forms."

Mr Noroozi said he would be reporting to the Tax Office in real time as he conducted his inquiry into order to ensure problems could be fixed before the next wave of tax returns.

"I will also be reporting formally, but this can't wait," he told the Herald.

Published in today's SMH

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