Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What a weak, pathetic... (I'm talking about the books decision)


"Local authors, book publishers and unions have secured a win over the major book retailing chains in their campaign to maintain restrictions on imports of cheaper foreign-published books.
The Federal Government this morning announced it would abandon proposed changes to Australia's book publishing regime that supporters say would have made books cheaper and more widely available but critics argued would harm the local publishing industry.

In announcing the decision, Consumer Affairs Minister Craig Emerson argued the growth of online retailers such as Amazon and electronic books such as Kindle would instead drive innovation and price reductions..."

What a weak, pathetic...

As worthy as the similar decision Labor made in the 1990s to retain restrictions on imports of cheaper recorded music.

The party of reform?

The party of evidence-based decisions?

The Productivity Commission amassed the evidence. Labor caved in to lobbying.

As Alan Fels just said at the Press Club, "every special interest group is now lining up"

Rudd is open for business.

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