Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two of the likely candidates Tuesday are competent public administrators

The third is Joe Hockey

As Workplace Minister he oversaw a system that couldn't even tell employers what they had to pay...

He spent $585,000 a day promoting at "fairness test" that at the time wasn't being applied...

He commissioned economic modelling with terms of reference so rigged it was never released,

He said young people were perfectly capable of negotiating pay with their employers, but repeatedly refused to appear in front of an audience of them to defend the claim...

As Human Services Minister in charge of a $1 billion plus information technology project he eschewed a pilot program declaring pilots were “for planes, not for technology"...

He called for tenders for two IT projects each worth hundreds of millions of dollars ahead of submitting the legislation to parliament (a process that caught the attention of the Audit Office) and spent $3 million advertising the program before it had Senate approval (which it never got)...

As Shadow Treasurer his record has been mixed.

But as an alternative Prime Minister?

I suppose it would be okay to put him up if there was little risk of him getting his fingers near the levers of power.

Perhaps that's the idea.

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