Friday, July 31, 2009

We're trashing our future

Until now Australia has been blessed with good will from practically everywhere.

When I reported from Japan, Australia consistently came number one in surveys of the most trusted and most popular nation.

Much of it was due to the good work we put in educating future elites from from other countries.

The Columbo Plan students I studied with came away with justifiably fond memories of Australia, and Australians - memories that have cut us slack ever since.

Then, ten or so years ago we began trashing our future.

Wendy Carlisle's brilliant 4 Corners report Monday spelled out what we have done.

What is the up-and coming generation of Asian elites going to think of us when it matters?

Just asking.

Check out the program.

UPDATE: A Senate Committee is inquiring into the welfare of international students.

Submissions are welcome, due in a fortnight,
August 14.