Monday, July 06, 2009

"Keep your feet on the ground...

...and keep reaching for the stars."

We will Casey.

At 77, Casey Kasem has actually hung up his microphone.

Here you can download a sampler of his 1970's programs. It is particularly worth listening to from 6.04 where you will hear a (these days questionably tasteful) reference to Australia, and then the famous sign-off.

Casey has made a lot of us very happy.

I used to love his references to being heard "coast to coast and around the world on radio stations like" including on one occasion - I kid you not - "5AU in South Australia's industrial north."

One of my proudest possessions is a boxed set of the LPs that constituted an actual Casey Kasem program, diverted by a 2SM staffer who knew how much it would mean to me.

Here's the rundown from July 1984. Prince and Bruce Springsteen were at 1 and 2.

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