Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Woolies boss heavied me: Choice man"

It's war, and of course this is great, but Woolies is cheaper than IGA - GroceryChoice (deceased) said so

Story 1 - AAP

Consumer group Choice has set its sights on keeping the two supermarket giants honest - a job it says went begging following the scrapping of the Grocery Choice website.

Choice has ordered its policy and campaign teams to drop all other issues to try and figure out how to bring down supermarket prices in Australia, which rate among the highest in the developed world.

Story 2 - Kelly Burke SMH

NICK STACE has sat with Sinn Fein and Ulster Unionists at the bargaining table; he has had tough dealings with giant European car manufacturers and survived the political uber-egos of 10 Downing Street.

But it was a meeting that took place in Australia on the morning of June 5 this year that the chief executive of Choice says has been the most hostile and intimidatory in his career. That meeting was with the Woolworths boss Michael Luscomb

Worth a read.