Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fortescue's letter to shareholders

...they have dropped on the Australian people a socialist style funding and tax device where the Government is now your silent partner...

Letter to Fortescue Shareholders

Fortunately one of the questions in the letter can be cleared up straight away:

"To make the point, imagine for a moment that your home loan was based on
you failing to make your mortgage repayments and the house being sold in a
mortgagee-in-possession auction. Do you think your banker would be happy
that someone would make good 40 per cent of the loss as a reason to lend you
the money - in return for taking 40 per cent of your income? The same income
they were relying on to allow you to repay the loan? Clearly the banker would
have stopped you buying the house because they rely on believable repayment
schedules, not bankruptcy events."

The answer is 'yes'.

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Anonymous said...

I love how they are using this as an excuse in order not to pay dividends!

carbonsink said...

How long until Rudd cracks? A week?

The mining companies know he's weak as p*ss. They know its an election year. They know he'll crack.

If he does, I'm voting for the Mad Monk.

Christopher Joye said...

you are one smart cookie peter martin!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this statment a misrepresentation anyway? i was under the impresion that the tax was only payable once the capital expenditure plus uplift rate where earned?

rog said...

Did you see this Peter?


Its from the MInerals Council.

They want to be taxed at globally competitive rates

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