Friday, January 07, 2011

Could my job be automated?

Here's a sports report:

"Duke is definitely firing on all cylinders. On December 11th at home, the Blue Devils shelled the Billikens, 84-47. Everything went right from the beginning, and Duke went into the locker room up big, 40-16. The Blue Devils finished strong and that was enough for the big win.

Duke won this game by exploiting Saint Louis in shooting and three pointers.

The Blue Devils out-shot the Billikens and also defended them well, with 53% to their 38%. Duke sealed it with 18 points from three point range compared to only 3 from Saint Louis.

Nolan Smith led all scorers against the Billikens with 22 points on 61% shooting in 31 minutes. Miles Plumlee helped out with 9 huge rebounds.

This win against Saint Louis builds our confidence. Early on in the season, the Blue Devils have a record of 10-0.

When we look to our next game, we see a tenacious team in Elon on December 20th."

Fine, eh?

But as my children would say - it's not real.

It is made by a robot, fed statistics.

It is even fed bias. It writes different versions for the different teams' websites.

Here's the NYT report about such reports.

And here's the SSRN blog noting that the "Holy Grail" of such reporting is financial news.

Should I be worried? ??

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