Monday, January 31, 2011

Quiggin, the Musical

Why not?

As he enjoys the success of Zombie Economics - How Dead Ideas Walk among Us, he is already considering the movie rights.

It is being translated into French and Portuguese and Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

It began its life as a series of blog posts as we were recovering from the financial crisis, several of which I reposted here.

It's a great read, the best cover of any economics book, and potentially as important in Freakonomics in popularising economic concepts.

And now it's easy listening.

Here's John Quiggin at the London School of Economics in November.

And here he is in surprisingly agreement with Hayek fan Russ Roberts on EconTalk:

(The Econtalk link has a virtual transcript, so hardworking is Roberts)

Want to check out Zombie Economics? Here's the Introduction, to get you started:

Zombie Econoics Introduction

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