Monday, October 12, 2009

They do things differently at NewsCorp

Here's how staff of the Adelaide Advertiser describe things in an internal memo:

(HT: Crikey)
"There are many conflicting instructions, blanket bans on certain words and subjects, and a lack of trust in the reporter to choose what to focus on...

Management often dictates an editorial line it wants reporters to take that is in conflict with what our contacts say. Much of a day can be wasted trying to find one person to say what management wants them to say. This is not reporting, it is fabricating news..."

Advertiser Memo


Anonymous said...

I still really like the Aus :)

Anonymous said...

The leading reason why its such a shit newspaper.

The only articles worth reading are writers 'above' management. i.e. Alexander Downer.

Chade said...

Alexander Downer's worth reading? Who knew.

Anonymous said...

The only people who like the OZ are Howard die-hards. You'd think a commercial organisation could adapt faster than the Liberal party. Apparently not.

And Murdoch thinks he can charge people for his online content? How many Howard die-hards does it take to all sit around, not pay their dues, and watch a media mogul sink?

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