Saturday, October 17, 2009

Absolutely top notch listening - Paul Krugman, Mark Scott

Boy do I mean it. These are the two best talks I've heard this year, and I've been listening to a lot of talks while cycling, and gardening.

The Paul Krugman talk, almost 90 minutes including questions delivered to the London School of Economics in June, is entitled The night they reread Minsky.

It is a tour de force about the state of macroeconomics; why it stagnated and how it got worse. There's even (one) Australian reference: "a Mad max world".

The 40Mb MP3 is

Mark Scott is the Managing director of Australia's ABC. You'll find no more compelling analysis of what's happening to old media, and the most likely path forward.

It is entitled
The fall of Rome: Media after empire, it rips along, and I have placed the pdf below the fold.

The 50-minute MP3 is

Now back to gardening.

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