Friday, January 15, 2010

If the Employment Minister and the Assistant Treasurer don't know what the employment forecasts are...

...I guess we don't need to know either.

Rest assured it's not only Tony Abbott who skimps on his research.

On Tuesday Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry appeared on ABC 2 Breakfast.

Asked what might happen to unemployment he said:

"The forecast for this year is that unemployment will reach just over 8 per cent in the second half of this year, that's the economic forecast for the end of year."

After embarrassing nodding by one interviewer and another question the other one came back with:

You're not expecting now that unemployment will get anywhere near 8 per cent are you?

The Assistant Treasurer's answer:

Well the forecast from the MYEFO (Mid-Year Economic and Financial Review) is for it to just reach over 8 per cent and we haven't and we haven't varied that yet. We haven't changed that forecast.

He said he had given up smoking.

He was presumably referring to the May Budget forecast of 8 1/2 per cent, which was superceded by 6 3/4 in the mid-year review.

Watch it here, search for the word "Sherry". It's excruciating, for the ABC interviewers as well.

But wait. There's more. The Employment Minister herself isn't too sure about the employment forecast. Really.

Here she is on NewsRadio two days after Sherry's gaffe.

"The first Treasury projection about the impact of the global financial crisis and global recession in this country was that we would see unemployment to 8.5 per cent...  Now they revised that forecast of the peak down so when we published Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook last year the new Treasury projection is for unemployment go to 6.5 per cent by the middle of this year."

No they didn't.  They revised it down to 6 3/4 per cent:

I've written this and included the photocopies for the record.

The way the ministers talk I run the risk of not being believed when I report the actual forecasts.


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Anonymous said...

What a disgrace! Did Julia Gillard really say 6.5% instead of 6.75?!?!!1!?!

Sweet Baby Jesus! The implications of this major gaffe are truly grave indeed.

Keep speaking truth to power.


Peter Martin said...


She's the Employment Minister.

It'd be like the Treasurer not knowing what his inflation forecasts were.


Anonymous said...

It is exactly like that. And the only people who care about a slip up of that nature are the mainstream media, hence their rapidly spiralling irrelevance.

Does it result in bad policy? No. Does it suggest they don't know their portfolio? Good luck arguing that for either Swan or Gillard. It means four fifths of stuff all, and it's lazy journalism to suggest otherwise.

As a long time viewer and a quiet fan of your's, all I'm saying is you're better than that.



Peter Martin said...


If the mainstream media cared, i would have put it in the mainstream media.

I can tell you for a fact they don't.

They weren't even much interested in Abbott's NZ stuff-up.

I think they should have been.

Marek said...

The main stream media are only interested in what makes a good headline or sound bite. Anything that requires explaining they avoid. Politicians have caught on to this, that one of the reason i believe PPP's are popular, no one understands them, takes to much to explain how they work, and because the govt doesn't borrow the money the budget looks good. Doesn't matter what the truth is

Anonymous said...

Marek is right, I think. "Employment Minister Does Not Know Unemployment Forecast" is a neat sound bite, but tells us nothing of substance.

But Peter assures us the MSM is uninterested in this kind of story. I remain unconvinced.


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