Friday, August 26, 2011

Pascoe, Clitheroe to chair October 4 tax summit

We are pleased to announce that the facilitators for the forum will be Paul Clitheroe and Michael Pascoe, who will bring many years of experience in taxation, finance and the media to their roles.

• Mr Clitheroe is a leading commentator on financial issues and is renowned for his ability to explain complex money issues in plain English. As Chair of the Financial Literacy Board, he has established a national strategy to improve the financial skills of all Australians through schools and the workplace.

• Mr Pascoe is one of Australia’s most respected and experienced finance and economics commentators, with 37 years in newspaper, broadcast and online journalism covering economic, business and finance issues.

And there's a program:

Day 1, Tuesday 4 October

Registrations open at 7.30am

. Introductory session

. Business tax session


. State taxes session

. Environmental and social taxes session

Evening function

Day 2, Wednesday 5 October

Day 2 starts at 8.30 am

. Transfer payments session

. Personal tax session


. Tax system governance session

. Closing session

Close of Tax Forum at 4.30pm


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