Monday, September 06, 2010

Costingsgate: "If Andrew Robb and Tony Abbott say that, then it must be true…"

It's come to this

Meet the Press:
HUGH RIMINTON: OK. Very quickly. Tony Abbott and Andrew Robb said your costings have been “carefully modelled by NATSEM” the National Centre for Economic Modelling at Canberra University. Were they carefully modelled by NATSEM?

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: If Andrew Robb and Tony Abbott say that, then it must be true…

HUGH RIMINTON: NATSEM says they never spoke to the Coalition.

CHRISTOPHER PYNE: Well, how else are the accountants that we ask to accost it, they are one of the big ten accounting firms in Australia, they gave it the tick off. Treasury has a difference of opinion. I mean, there are so many economists out there and all of them have different models, different data and different assumptions. The truth is putting all of that to one side, who do the Independents want to form a government - the failed government of the last three years or a new Coalition which has a good record in government for 11.5 years under the Howard prime ministership.

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