Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rory's moving on

Quelle horreur

Good afternoon,

Many of you will have heard that I have resigned after nearly 17 years in basically the same job. I'm sorry to be going, but it's time to try something different.

I'm very grateful for the excellent opportunities I've had at Macquarie over the past 11 years, and during my six years with Bankers Trust before that.

It's been a pleasure working hard for you all, doing my best to produce a lively, readable and reliable analysis of local and global economic and market developments.

The clearest feedback I received through the decade came via thousands of requests to be added to my email list, versus fewer than 10 miscreants who demanded to be cut loose.

My next job is a no-profile risk-management role just down the street, starting next month. Some of my friends worry that I'm going to miss being a high-profile know-it-all. I expect I'll get over it pretty quickly. I was mostly a bit of a dud on TV anyway, having been born with a good head for radio and further handicapped by eloquence lessons taken growing up across country Australia.

In any case, I've really enjoyed the past decade and a half, so I wish all of you - all of my friends and colleagues and readers - all the best for the future. And I'll look forward to seeing you around the traps in coming weeks and years.

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