Tuesday, March 09, 2010

An uninformed view what's happening with the Henry Report?

Paul Syvret in the Courier-Mail

Neither Swan nor Rudd will be drawn on when - if ever - the Henry report will see the light of day, with Rudd maintaining last week that he was too busy trying to bandage the health system to worry about tax. The issue has been triaged, if you like.

Er, here's Swan on January 22:

It's a comprehensive report, it covers the entire taxation system, we said that we will release the report after we've examined it and we'll do that early this year with an initial response.

There will be plenty of time for a full debate about the recommendations from that independent committee when we release that early this year.

Oh, and this is at the top of the Henry Review's homepage:

"The Government has said it will consider the review and release it in early 2010, along with an initial response."

Did Paul Syvret look at the homepage? Did he even try to find out what Rudd and Swan had said?

BTW: I'm expecting it in April.

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