Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's art. Another very Canberra story

If you are one of the people outside of Canberra or London, or Melbourne or the many many parts of the world where this is being reported, you might not have heard of Canberra's Steve Pratt.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph was unkind enough to caption this photo with the words "Pratt by name". Actually, you may have heard of him in more serious context.

To summarise what others have reported more extensively, he faxed my office among many others with this statement promising that he would tomorrow "endeavour to remove long standing graffiti and politically themed posters".

It noted that: "Mr Pratt will be at the following locations..."

He turned up and was captured on film painting over the paint with white paint. Only problem was he had vandalised a commissioned work of art.

And the police have the evidence.

I just love the story! Don't know why I love it so much. Something to do with the nature of "art".

To me its an echo of Ern Malley.