Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Fair Work Australia" - a Labor mistake

From last night's 7.30 Report:

In the build up to the ALP national conference this weekend, Deputy Labor Leader Julia Gillard has revealed to this program that a Labor Government would abolish the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and set up a new, expanded and pro-active industrial relations umpire to be called Fair Work Australia.

It spells the end of an institution Labor has supported for 100 years and is a key element of the industrial relations policy the ALP will take to the next election.

What's wrong with this?

People are twigging to the Orwellian nature of the Coalition's names for things.

The Fair Pay Commission is explicitly not required to consider fairness in setting minimum wages.

When in 2002 it tried to limit unfair dismissals protections it introduced a bill for a Fair Dismissal Act.

The Coalition now owns the word Fair and has has given it a new and sinister meaning.

I reckon Labor would be better off owning the use of plain language. It'd make me less suspicious of them.