Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nick Sherry: The man who knew too much

This was Gillard, yesterday:
"Nick’s personal interest and more than 20 years experience in the Australian superannuation system made him a valuable asset as an economic Minister during the Global Financial Crisis when he oversaw elements of the superannuation system."

She is right. Nick Sherry knew more about superannuation than anyone else in the government.

So he was removed from that portfolio and given another one so minister after minister could get on with the business of ramping up compulsory superannuation, something Nick didn't agree with and the Henry Review recommended against.

If only he had known less.

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PJ said...

Why does Julia Gillard want to increase compulsory super?

Anonymous said...

Henry was predicated on a prson getting some part of the pension.
Given present taxing arrangements increasing the SGC to 15% would see people eventualy not needing any support from the government.

It is ironic the Labour party has its aim of a perosn retiring without calling on the government but the Coalition does.
you have been wood-ducked.

If they only taxed benefits as they should then 12% would suffice

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