Friday, August 19, 2011

Seven days until Craig Thomson has to grill the Reserve Bank governor

Do I need to say the obvious?

The governor will be under pressure next Friday.

Over his over his oversight of Note Printing Australia and his knowledge of bribes...

Over disputes at the Reserve Bank board.

I'll be there.

We are set to have the parliament represented by / the grilling led by a man who is himself compromised and has chosen to abandon legal proceedings that would have given him the opportunity to clear his name.

Can anyone else see a problem?

THE POWER INDEX: Craig Thomson's timeline

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, Peter. Wasn't a report on a parliamentary code of conduct (that was part of an agreement between the ALP and the independents as a condition of forming government) meant to have been brought down by now? Why is there no pressure being brought to bear by the independents on this one?

Senexx said...

Politically I can see the problem.
Practically I don't see a problem. One has nothing to do with the other.

The only thing that needs to be asked by the RBA is why they haven't cut interest rates yet.

I'm sure we'll get all sorts of other idiotic questions for the RBA Governor that are irrelevant to operational matters too.

As for the Securency thing with the RBA, the only time anyone has noticed it is the once or twice it was brought up by the media - no one really cares.

Just like the AWB "kickbacks" is part of doing business in those foreign countries but no they needed something to attack Howard on. It is unclear to me whether the decommissioning of AWB has been a success or not but I suspect not as I did at the time. However, I'm getting a little far afield.

Why is there no pressure being brought to bear by independents on this one? Because they're not idiots. No sane person can possibly want the Liberals in government whilst Abbott is the leader. Besides their plan of cutting costs everywhere will only see us in a recession/depression sooner in the current economic environment (One is coming anyway thanks to the stupidity of the US/UK & EU)

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