Tuesday, August 30, 2011

David Hicks on Australian Story tonight. It will be good

Why do I think it'll be good?

Because Australian Story isn't always sympathetic to its subject.

The producer Helen Grasswell is one of the very best. She has won many awards for television, one of them shared with me.

The one-hour program is on at the "special time" of 8.30 pm.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Helen Grasswill completely sold out with this story. ABC insiders say that she came under 'pressure' to make him look bad and omit evidence that would have cleared him. I think the story was shallow and completely missed the point.

Peter Martin said...

What crap.

Helen was under pressure aright - unusual pressure from Hicks supporters to omit stuff that would would make him look bad.

That's a fact. 180 degrees the opposite of what you believe.

Who are these "ABC insiders"?

Do they make this stuff us?

What is this omitted evidence "that would have cleared him"?

As far as I can see he has been cleared.

What on earth did he do wrong?

But what is this omitted evidence?

What crap.

Enjoy your conspiracy theory.

No. Find something better to do.

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