Thursday, August 05, 2010

Coalition outsources economic statistics to Channel Nine

Come to think of it, it would be a money-saver.

Who needs the ABS when Channel Nine produces better figures?

This bizarre press release, out of kilter with reality as measured by the ABS seems to have disappeared from or never been put on the Coalition website.

(Oddly, one that is on the website is entitled Labor's Spin Exposed - Grocery Price Scare Campaign '100% Crap'. The Liberal's Grocery Price Scare Campaign is also 100% Crap, and I suspect they know it.)

Anyway, here is is, rescued from the memory hole:

Would they behave this way in government?

Coalition CHQ Media Release - Groceries Rise by 10 Percent in Year

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KitchenSlut said...

There are however some rather odd prices differences in there? Is it really 72c more or almost 30% to buy a basic kilo of rice in Brisbane than in Sydenay or did my dodgy eyes not follow the lines?

Anyone buying cheese in sliced 500gm blocks should be lined up in front of the Masterchef judges and shot at dawn!

Election Junkie said...

Yes, the numbers on this election plan still have to be decided. There is not a lot probity to the coalition campaign on their so called action contract - what is the remedy of there is a breach?

Anonymous said...

Yes the scare campaigns about grocery prices from both sides are crap. Just as Tony Abbott believes climate change is absolute crap.

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