Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Go for Growth is gone!

All through the campaign John Howard has been in front of a sign that read "Go for Growth".

Not today. It has been sidelined by a previously-absent flag:

It might have been because the Reserve Bank's statement said we should not go for growth. It might have been because right now "Go for Growth" could be translated to maen "Go for higher rates".

In any event, not only is a rate hike mid-campaign historic, so too is abandoning your central campaign slogan mid-campaign.


Lord Sedgwick said...

1984 revisited.

Rewriting inconvenient history. Ah, it's so good we have all sorts of Windshuttles at our beck (of the non Lleyton related variety , might I add) and call.

Come back George Orwell, all is forgiven. (No, not forgiven. Just more obvious. Sadly obvious.)

The Editor said...

I reckon you're onto something.

Anonymous said...

All that is happening is the "Libs - Department of Perception" is now running the campaign - no facts, no truth, no integrity, no brains - business as usual really.

12 years of crap is hard to condense into a 6 week campaign - am wondering if they want to rewind and start again - maybe 1950?

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