Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kevin Rudd's morning

Mr Rudd, why did you drive yourself to work this morning? Don’t you have people to drive you around?

RUDD: Hey, I can drive. It’s a free country. Since Saturday it still is. Why did I drive to work? I wanted to take Marcus, my son, to school. So, I drove him to school. I dropped Therese at the office and then came in here.

JOURNALIST: Do you think that your life is going change dramatically now?

RUDD: No. I’m still Kevin, still from Queensland.

JOURNALIST: Still here to help?

RUDD: Still here to help. No, I wanted to take Marcus to school. I was trying to do it yesterday and it didn’t quite work out. Have you ever tried getting a 14 year old out of bed in the morning on time?

JOURNALIST: How did his school friends respond to the concept of the Prime Minister-elect rolling up at school?

RUDD: I, just as most of the other parents, let him out of the car door, gave him a kiss on the head and off he went.