Friday, May 18, 2012

Wages move further west

NSW workers have slipped further in the earnings rankings. Right up until mid-last decade NSW and ACT workers were the highest paid in the nation. Western Australia inched ahead of NSW in 2006, slipped during the global financial crisis and has jumped well clear of NSW since.

The latest Bureau of Statistics figures show the average Western Australian full-time worker taking home $84,276 per year - some $12,000 more than the average NSW full-timer on $72,431.

The widening gap has pushed NSW into fifth place in the earnings league table, behind Western Australia, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and Queensland.

NSW full-timers earns just $31 per week more than their counterparts in Victoria. Over the past ten years NSW wages have climbed 49 per cent, Victorian wages 53 per cent and Western Australian wages 85 per cent.

The figures show mining now by far Australia’s highest-paid industry, offering full-timers an average of $121,102 - up from $112,892 a year earlier... By contrast workers in accommodation and food services, Australia’s lowest paid industry, get an average of $50,378 - up from $48,656 a year earlier.

Full-time pay in the finance sector climbed just 2.3 per cent over the past year to $83,689. Pay in real estate scarcely moved, climbing 0.4 per cent. Average pay in the administrative and support industry went backwards, slipping 1 per cent.

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