Monday, February 27, 2012

Okay, so who would be in my unity ministry?

I posted this in 2010.

At the time commenter David said it was: a pretty savage demotion of Gillard.

Actually, I would only change one thing. I think I was too hard on Julie Bishop. She looks better now than she did then.

Here we go.

Tim Madden, ABC News Online

My dream team:

Human Services - Brett Mason

Tourism - Warren Truss

Resources - Martin Ferguson

Agriculture - Christine Milne

Attorney General - George Brandis

Arts - Joe Hockey

Water - Nick Xenophon

Climate Change & Environment - Greg Hunt

Innovation & Industry - Kim Carr

Broadband & Communications - Paul Fletcher

Infrastructure & Regional Development - Robert Oakeshott

Finance - Wayne Swan

Housing - Mathias Cormann

Families & Community Services - Craig Emerson

Indigenous Affairs - Peter Garrett

Ageing - Sharman Stone

Sport - John Alexander

Health and Disability - Bill Shorten

Trade - Julia Gillard

Foreign Affairs - Stephen Smith

Industrial Relations - Tony Abbott

Education & Social Inclusion - Andrew Leigh

Veterans Affairs - Julie Bishop

Defence Support - Ian Macfarlane

Defence - Greg Combet

Immigration and Population - Penny Wong

Consumer & Corporate Regulation - Barnaby Joyce

Financial Services - Bernie Ripoll

Treasurer - Kevin Rudd

Cabinet Secretary - Tony Windsor

Prime Minister - Malcolm Turnbull
About right?

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