Sunday, February 05, 2012

News starts now. Two giant leaps for journalism, Monday

Yes, parliament's back, from Tuesday.

From Monday (midnight Monday morning) The Global Mail goes live:

It is non-profit journalism, funded by a patron.

A promising model, and one that takes us back to the earliest days of journalism.

Stephen Crittenden, Ellen Fanning, Mike Bowers, Eric Ellis, Jess Hill, Mike Seccombe are exactly the kind of people you would pick if you were assembling a first-class team. Monica Attard has.

It's at from midnight.

And the National Times gets real.

Right now it looks like the opinion and discussion site it was set up as.

But pretty smartly from Monday it'll run breaking national news, - lots of it, writen specially by Fairfax reporters (including Canberra reporters) as it happens. (No wire stories.)

And there will be a live blog, presided over by national treasure Katharine Murphy each day parliament sits.

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