Saturday, October 15, 2011

The potato chip - the best podcast I have heard in months

"Now there's a gap in the conveyor belt. As the chip goes over that gap, it will literally jump the gap. Because it's moving 60 mph. It has enough speed and the wind resistance on the chip. As they see that coming, they think: Are we going to make it? But actually not all of them do. So, on the other side there is a grid of air pressure pumps--not on the other side, but in the gap--that will squirt air. So as they jump the gap you'll hear little noises going pssst, pssst. And what that jet is doing is pushing as they jump through the air the non-quality chip to fall into a collection bin so they can be put in the bio-mass boiler later. The ones that make it over the gap will proceed to a station where they are collected and actually go into the bags."

Talk about quality control.

I knew none of this.

They cut the salt crystals with lasers to boost the surface area to NaCl ratio.

Russ Roberts of EconTalk talks to Brendan O'Donohoe of Frito-Lay in the United States.

Frito-Lay makes Smiths crisps, Doritos and Twisties in Australia.

Here's the page. Here's The MP3. Right click and save. You won't be sorry.

Russ Roberts is a pretty cool guy.

He also gave humanity The Keynes versus Hayek rap:

And Round Two:

Enjoy these too.

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