Friday, February 18, 2011

Listen in: "The US dollar took another pounding...

Those words sounded current this week as through a time warp on my favourite radio program I heard a replay of an extraordinarily unlikely 1974 hit single:

"The Americans" by Canadian commentator Gordon Sinclair (then 73 years old) must be about the only radio editorial ever to have to become a hit single, I thought...

...until I remembered this one, from my own home city of Adelaide:

Enjoy. Wallow. The group was "The Young Australians", the background was conscription for the Vietnam war, the year 1967, the voice TV executive Rex Heading (who is also famous for creating Humphrey B Bear).

It too became a hit single even though some DJs refused to play it, and was later included on Bob Hudson and Glenn A Baker's LP "Detestable Disks"

Have a good weekend.

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