Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The whole resource tax box and dice - a near minibudget tomorrow

That's Wednesday.

Henry today:

"I am able to say to the committee that it is my understanding that the Treasurer will shortly be putting more information into the public domain," he said.

Senator Cormann asked why if the Treasurer was going to release the information, couldn't Dr Henry provide it to the committee, to which Dr Henry replied:

"Well of course I'm very happy to ask the Treasurer whether he would be comfortable with me publishing the information today in this committee or whether he would prefer himself to publish the information," he said.

The inquiry took a five minute break for Dr Henry to seek instructions.

"I haven't spoken directly to the Treasurer myself but I have spoken with his staff and I can report that it is the Treasurer's intention to publish the information imminently"

Gittins sets the scene.