Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The most careful assessment of Malcolm Turnbull to date

A bargain at $16.95

There is nothing in Annabel Crabb's beautifuly-crafted 35,000 word account of Malcolm Turnbull that is thoughtless or unconcerned.

Malcolm Turnbull comes across as the engaging, caring person that he is.

Two quotes:

"One of things I find striking about Malcolm is that he is essentially not a cynical person."


"There are many things that are endearing about Malcolm Turnbull, not least his persistent and misguided belief that politics is a meritocracy."

For $16.95 at the Portrait Gallery bookshop this weekend I bought myself a keeper.

I expected Malcom Turnbull to become Liberal Party leader way back before he entered Parliament.

I expected him to lead the nation as well.