Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Kids

Until now I've avoided extending my blogroll.

A blogroll that's too long is no blogroll at all.

However there are new kids on the block (or at least new to me).

I have added, and offer for your consideration:

Bill Mitchell - the Newcastle University iconoclast

Christopher Joye - the financial entrepreneur who hardly sleeps

Steve Keen - the debtwatcher who sees Emperors unclothed 

Andrew Leigh - unmuzzled after a 6-month vow of  silence at the Treasury, and

David Uren - actually this is a brand new 3-person blog with Uren, Michael Strutchbury and Scott Murdoch from The Australian, entitled Current Account.

All are available on RSS

While on the subject, 2 blogs on the roll are actually multi-contributor blogs.

You get great value from what I misleadingly label the Joshua Gans site and the Nicholas Gruen site - though they would be value indeed with those contributers alone.

Happy reading.