Thursday, February 12, 2009

Get Crikey! Cheap.

Each year Nick Gruen arranges an annual group subscription to Crikey! to get the cost down.

Nick says:

"It’s on again this year - with our group subscription running out, it’s time to resubscribe - if you want to.

The amount you’ll pay is a function of how many takers we have.

Here’s the list of prices from Crikey.

3-5 subscribers - $95 each
6-9 subscribers - $85 each
10-20 subscribers - $75 each
20-49 subscribers - $65 each
50+ subscribers - $55 each

Please email me at
nicholas AT gruenxxx DOT com DOT au - without the ‘xxx’s if you’re prepared to sign up at the ten plus level of $75 though I expect we’ll make the cut to the twenty plus level and perhaps even to the next one.

PS: We’re already over 10 subsribers and I hope heading into 20-49 territory."

Get into it. Smartly. The more of us that do within the week, the cheaper it'll be.

A lateral idea.