Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Do you live in Canberra?

You are welcome to join my former ABC colleague Maxine McKew as she launches the first novel by my former ABC colleague Lucienne Joy - early Wednesday at 7:30am for 7:45am to 8:30am at the Canberra Museum & Gallery in Civic.

Lucienne talks about her book here.

The complete invite (its open to everyone) is here and below the fold.

I hope to see you there...

CPSU presents Maxine McKew in-conversation with author Lucienne Joy about Ulterior Motives.

CPSU Deputy Secretary Nadine Flood invites CPSU members to this special event, “Lucienne has been active in the CPSU for many years so this event is a terrific opportunity to support a creative & talented union delegate.”

About Ulterior Motives

Lucienne Joy, one of Maxine McKew's electorate officers and a former ABC broadcaster, has published her first novel, Ulterior Motives.

The novel is set in the South of France, where expat Australian journalist, Coco Armstrong, is having the time of her life working on an English-language radio station, when she meets, falls for and marries in lightning-quick order an urbane international lawyer, Jack Villeneuve.

Only then does he reveal a darker side, and slowly but surely introduces her to a world of sexual practices well outside her previous experience, or even imagination.

Against a backdrop of her continuing life as a sort of roving Riviera reporter, Coco struggles to come to terms with the reality of her marriage, as Jack challenges all her beliefs about trust, intimacy, and love itself."

About Lucienne Joy

A well-known broadcaster and journalist, Lucienne Joy has worked for ABC Radio and 2GB in Australia, Radio Riviera in France, and was for a time Head of Radio at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Recently, she worked on Maxine McKew's political campaign to win the seat of Bennelong from PM John Howard in the 2007 election. This is her first novel.

Reviews of Ulterior Motives

Lucienne’s interview on ABC Radio National Life Matters with Richard Aedy can be accessed here.

Ulterior Motives review by Cameron Woodhead, The Age, 15/11/2008

“AN AUSTRALIAN journalist living it up in the French Riviera, Coco has everything she could hope for - except good taste in men. She meets Jack Villeneuve, a suave older American who sweeps her off her feet. After a lightning courtship, they marry, and it's only then that the fairytale starts to peel away. One night, Jack provides her with a lurid S&M version of Sleeping Beauty, and it isn't long before the kinky stuff starts… However, her primary interest lies elsewhere. Ulterior Motives isn't really erotica, it's more a confessional novel of sexual betrayal, written in a strong and sophisticated narrative voice.

Book details

Ulterior Motives is available in Smiths Alternative Bookshop, Melbourne Building, 76 Alinga Street, Civic and all good book stores. Ulterior Motives is published by Allen & Unwin, rrp is $32.95 10% discount for CPSU members. (This event has been paid for by Allen & Unwin).

Event details
Venue:Canberra Museum & Gallery - Foyer
Address:Corner of London Circuit & Civic Square, Canberra, ACT, 2600
Date:03 Dec 2008
Time:7:30am for 7:45am start – 8:30am.
Cost:A free event with light refreshments.
Event information:There will be a special 10% discount on Ulterior Motives for CPSU members. RSVP by Mon 1 December to Alison.
Contact:Alison Rahill, CPSU 
6220 9630