Saturday, December 27, 2008

You're a champion! Let's check that score

First, attempt the quiz.

Answers below the fold.

45: You bloody cheat

40-44: Genius

35-40: Smarty pants

25-34: Not bad

15-24: That eggnog really got to you

10-14: You barely deserve to vote

10 or less: Vote? What’s that?

The answers...

(1) (c) (2) South Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young, born December 23, 1981 (3) (c) (4) Wilson Tuckey, Don Randall, Dennis Jensen and Luke Simpkins – all from WA – Victorian Sophie Mirabella and Alby Schultz from NSW (5) (a) and (c) (6) (d): Afghanistan, Belgium, China, East Timor, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Romania, Singapore, Solomon Islands, South Korea, UAE, United Kingdom, United States (7) Graham Perrett (Labor, Moreton, Queensland). The Twelfth Fish was published by Vulgar Books (8) 299 days. November 29, 2007 until September 16 (9) (d) (10) (a) Senator Louise Pratt (ALP) (b) Senator Michaelia Cash (Lib) (c) Scott Ludlam (Greens) (d) Steve Irons (Lib, Swan) (e) Luke Simpkins (Lib, Cowan) (f) Gary Gray (ALP, Brand) (g) Melissa Parke (ALP, Fremantle) (11) (a) global financial crisis (b) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (c) Rules of Engagement (d) Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (12) Julia Irwin (Fowler, NSW) (13) Toyota Prius (14) 25 times in his 28-year career, including two seven-day suspensions in the 1980s, once for three days (that was on November 12), 11 for a full day and 11 for an hour (15) (b) (16) $190,891 (17) (g) (18) He took pictures of a disturbed man threatening to self-immolate outside Parliament House and offered them for sale to newspaper photographers for $1000 (19) (a) (20) (c) (21) (c) (22) Gary Gray (23) (a) Kevin Rudd (b) Peter Costello (c) Bronwyn Bishop (d) Lindsay Tanner (e) Simon Crean (f) Martin Ferguson (g) Christopher Pyne (h) Alan Eggleston