Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas spending by country

From The Economist:

Freakonomics writes:

Despite their considerable wealth, the Dutch have clearly maintained their minimalist austerity chic. Not the case in Luxembourg, which has the highest GDP per capita in the EU, and the third highest in the world. So, while you may get a pair of wooden shoes for the holidays from that Dutch relative of yours, that Luxembourgian uncle stands to be much more generous.

It’s also worth noting America’s position. Despite considerably less per capita wealth, we appear to be spending only about $70 less per person than the Luxembourgers.

My guess is we are like the United States. But who knows? Especially this year.


The Lorax said...

But this is a once in century boom Pete! Shouldn't we be spending like crazy, using our currency-on-steroids to buy as much imported junk as we desire?

What has gone wrong?

V said...

'Anticipated spending' result obtained via a survey does not equal what is actually spent.

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