Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jenny Macklin is the Labor spokesman on poker machine reform

Here's Stephen Mayne in Crikey:

"Jenny Macklin, the federal minister responsible for implementing the pokies deal with Andrew Wilkie, is complaining that the industry is refusing to offer up any venues that will trial a mandatory pre-commitment system with $1 maximum bets.

Jenny, ask your own party in Canberra. The Canberra Labor Club operates about 500 machines in the ACT and it represents the single largest investment asset owned directly by an ALP branch.

Labor’s role as the only major political party in the world that fundraises through operating gambling venues is just one of many conflicts of interest which dominate the pokies reform debate.

Jenny, if you need background, there's some below:

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Scotty said...

Good point!!!

Ralph said...

If the government goes down before their 3 year term is up, this will be the reason. They'll be able to withstand Abbott and all the other various issues, but pokies will be their undoing. Wilkie has them over a barrell.

Some of these backbenchers will get squeamish and vote against it in self interest. Then Wilkie pulls his support and the whole house of cards falls over.

adam said...

Even if the lbor club implemented it, and the results showed the policy works, liberals would claim the results were rigged. Thats why there is no benefit in the labor club doing it as an example.

I would prefer we take the WA route. Get rid of them all from clubs and pubs.

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