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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What'll be the #FirstRBAtweet?

fluke88 Luke
#FirstRBAtweet..."we've got 4 to 1 on interest rates going up this month, 2 to 1 on them remaining steady, who wants to place a bet?"

fangbooks fangbooks
Today we're having grilled chicken salad for lunch. #FirstRBAtweet

Fiona Cameron
We're ditching the Howard appointees! Two down this week. #FirstRBAtweet

Jeanne A. Webb
...#FirstRBAtweet That tosser in today's Oz who said interest rates wouldn't move, guess again. UP!!! #Tosser. ?!

Gigi Huxley
"We're about to send a statement..." #FirstRBAtweet

Brigadier Slog
#FirstRBAtweet Edit+Copy Edit+Paste last month.

█████ ██████
#FirstRBAtweet Still able to fit our deficit figure inside 140 chars. Suckit, @treasgov

John Hanna ™
#FirstRBAtweet "We do complex economics in 140 characters" #alwayshave

Blue Lotus
#FirstRBAtweet Hang on, what *does* happen when you multiply infinity by 0?

#FirstRBAtweet WTF did we do with the gold reserve?

Hey Glenn! Glenn! Look. Charlie Sheen is on this twitter thing. Winning. Lion Blood. Ha ha #FirstRBAtweet

Stephen C
No-one really liked that Donald McGauchie prick anyway. #FirstRBAtweet

Brigadier Slog
#FirstRBAtweet "The RBA has decided to lift interest rates by 50 basi.... I mean cut rates. No wait! I was right the first t.. AH F***!!"

John Hanna ™
#FirstRBAtweet "We have more money than you"

Brigadier Slog
#FirstRBAtweet "Is this thing on?"

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