Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keating - classic, timeless, priceless

...and also wrong, in my view.

Nevertheless - great - at times very funny - listening.

From this morning's Radio National breakfast.

Download or just play for the full ten minutes.

He sounds as if he'd be happiest if we diverted 100% per cent of our money into super.

But in the meantime he'd like us to divert more. He has a vision. And he is always worth a listen.

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Roger Wegener said...

It might be wrong in your view Peter but my guess is that were Australian's to understand all the issues then they would embrace it.

* Firstly, all of us need a retirement income that will sustain us post workforce - and we need to reduce reliance on the aged pension. For most of us 9% is not enough to do this.

* Secondly, the nation needs access to an investment pool of funds that should be used to develop the business ideas and resources of the nation - while reducing reliance on external funding.

Now it might be that current situation means that the *superannuation* industry gets a "free ride" on the back of compulsory super - but why would we deny Australian's a comfortable retirement just because we haven't been smart enough at regulating the financial services industry?

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