Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rudd never promised us a rose garden

"I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden, Along with the sunshine there's gotta be a little rain sometime.."

Someone thinks that song is about Rudd.

At the Press Gallery Midwinter Ball on Wednesday night it was chosen to introduce the Prime Minister, who then gave a wonderfully funny well-judged self-deprecating speech.

In today's Australian, John Lyons sheds light on why:

"The two words most commonly used about Rudd's office are chaotic and dysfunctional. One only need drop by to have that confirmed. "

Here's the full thing and the accompanying story.

Lyons wrote about Hawke's office years earlier.

I can say that I know of nothing that suggests Lyons is wrong, and several things that confirm what he is saying.

I'll also say that Rudd is a clever man, more than capable of getting everything working smoothly. I am sure that he will, in plenty of time.


patrick said...

Peter, if the vacuous swarm of op-edders that plague the media with banal "Insiders"-type speculation are getting the boot, I actually applaud Rudd's office.

Those slack-jawed gossip hounds are getting the attention they deserve: none, because the only people who read them already have their own opinions about anything they care to write about (how things were "received" in the electorate), and the real reporters - like yourself, Megalogenis, Lenore Taylor etc. aren't depending on a soundbite, "special relationship" dripfeed to do reporting because of an old-fashioned thing called research, something notably lacking from your Pearsons, Ramsays, Sheridan's, etc.

Furthermore, for all the "chaos", etc. from Rudd's office, his approval ratings are still sky-high, so I would suggest the only people who care about this are the media themselves, and frankly, what would we care about them, given how wrong they got it in the last twelve months, vis, honeymoons and how things were "received" in the electorate - even when the writing was on the wall.

I can get more intelligent, better researched info on blogs in lieu of that gossipy crap, and people who care less than me are still getting it from Sunrise, and those guys (likes Oakes) don't have an axe to grind because they never depending on inside info in the first place.

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