Thursday, November 22, 2007

So what is it with the Liberal party and fake leaflets?

This is the evil piece of work doing the rounds in western Sydney, distributed by the husband of the outgoing Liberal MP Jackie Kelly:

And this is the leaflet circulating in the ACT falsely claiming that the Greens support legalised drugs, and authorised by the director of the ACT Liberal Party - not that you would know that.


Kezman said...

Are we taking a leaf out of the politics of China? Just what country is this anymore.

J-scribe said...

Hi Peter! I didn't know about the Libs slur on the Greens/ALP in the ACT. So, there's no authorisation on the leaflet but you've established that it was the ACT Lib Pty Director who issued it? Unbelievable. It's all reminiscent of some whack-job National Action campaign. Desperate times...desperate measures @ Lib Pty HQ, I guess! Cheers

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