Thursday, December 23, 2010

Australia to move to Spain?

Well yes, if nations were given land to match their populations.

Frank Jacobs at Big Think:

"What if the world were rearranged so that the inhabitants of the country with the largest population would move to the country with the largest area? And the second-largest population would migrate to the second-largest country, and so on?

The result would be this disconcerting, disorienting map...

Australia's 22.5 million inhabitants would move to Spain, the world's 51st largest country. This would probably be the furthest migration, as both countries are almost exactly antipodean to each other. But Australians would not have to adapt too much to the mainly hot and dry Spanish climate."

Note that the US would stay where it is. China would move to Russia, and so on.

Here's a big version. Click here to get a very big one.

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