Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Want to be on TV? Just say you hate the mining tax.

From Crikey:

An email from Kate Cunningham of Plush Films

She is making TV ads:

"Plush Films have been asked to film a series of television commercials showing how this proposed new mining tax will affect not only the mining industry and the people it employs, but also the industries and people indirectly employed through mining.

I want to find the most people that would be happy to either:

. Read the script in entirety for a 30 second spot.

. Read a line that is part of a 90 second script, that might be something like: "...long term damage to the communities, families...." or "....investment and industries that do so much for this country.....""....Hurt mining and you're hurting Australia....." ".....Thank you...." and/or perhaps just be included in another spot

. Just say their name e.g. " Kate Cunningham, Secretary, Leichhardt" and this would be included in a commercial that has a professional voice over artist delivering the script.

I'm looking for all sorts of people and situations....Families....engineers in mining or site office environs......big caterpillar trucks......communities......all sorts people and places that will be impacted by the trickle down effect of this tax.

Kind regards,

Kate Cunningham"

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