Sunday, January 06, 2008

If only we had an Obama

He tells the truth.

Compare his answer to a question about emissions trading to the dishonest clap-trap peddled by Australian politicians. They try to give the impression that we can have emissions trading without higher energy prices. Everyone's a winner.

In the US where the political stakes are much higher Obama comes right out and says:

"..there will be a cost. Plants are going to have to retrofit their equipment, and that's going to cost money, and they will pass it onto consumers. We have an obligation to use some of the money that we generate to shield low-income and fixed-income individuals from high electricity prices, but we're also going to have to ask the American people to change how they use energy. Everybody's going to have to change their light bulbs. Everybody's going to have to insulate their homes. And that will be a sacrifice, but it's a sacrifice that we can meet."

I am awed.

HT: Greg Mankiw's Blog