Monday, June 21, 2010

We Seem to Be Losing Arctic Sea Ice at a Rather Rapid Pace This Spring...

From Brad DeLong:

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Rationalist said...

Well, if you freeze more... all is well.

carbonsink said...

Today you express concern about the melting Arctic but here you applaud the return to surplus on the back of coal income

Australian export prices are climbing far faster than officially forecast. Just last week BHP secured a 55 per cent increase in coking coal prices from Japan

You cannot have it both ways.

Hansen called coal The Enemy of the Human Race and yet much of Australia's prosperity is derived from coal exports. Indeed, the conventional wisdom in Australia is that we will (and should) export more coal in the future, and we should build new infrastructure to support increased coal exports.

How anyone can profess to be concerned about climate change, and at the same time cheer on our resources* boom is completely beyond me.

We truly are the world champion carbon emitters. Yay Australia.

*Coal is our largest resources export, we sell a lot more thermal coal than coking coal, and all our resources exports are used in very carbon-intensive processes. e.g. steelmaking. The one exception would be uranium.

carbonsink said...

BTW, its got worse since the end of May.

All those little Aussie carbon atoms are doing a bang up job this year.

Marek said...

why no 2008 or 2009? and whats the 2000-2010 average? that has to be a more meaningful comparison.

carbonsink said...

Because 2007 was the worst year on record, and 2010 looks like breaking it.

But yeah, decade-to-decade comparisons are much more meaningful when it comes to climate change, or even 12 month running averages. Hansen pointed out recently that if you look at a chart of 12 month running averages the peak in 1998 disappears, which makes a mockery of the "Global warming stopped in 1998" claims of the denialists.

Once again, three cheers for Australia! Punching well above our weight in the game of global carbon emissions!

Coal exports are kinda like air travel. Everyone knows its bad, but no-one can give it up. Australia is like the guy who puts 10 solar panels on his roof but flies the family to Europe twice a year. The emissions saved from the solar panels are tiny compared to the CO2 emitted on a long haul flight.

At a national level we distract the punters with solar schools, and feed-in tariffs, while massively expanding coal production.

We are a nation in denial.

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