Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's hope Obama doesn't try to give Rudd some DVDs

"Britain's Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was recently given a gift of 25 DVDs of classic American movies by US President Barack Obama.

"When Brown sat down to watch one of them, he found he couldn't --
because Obama had given him Region 1 DVDs, unplayable in Brown's Region 2 DVD player.

"The pointless Digital Rights Management didn't stop any piracy, it prevented an absolutely reasonable use of legitimately purchased content.

"Maybe this experience will help the British government understand how many of the entertainment industry's efforts to strengthen intellectual property controls do little more than irritate legitimate consumers."


Memo to Obama: Australia is Region 4 - a distinction we share with Mexico, South America, Central America, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

We may have a "Free Trade Agreement" with you folks, but we can't watch your DVDs.


Captain Kickarse said...

It is illegal in Australia to be sold a region specific DVD hardware and as such, if Rudd had difficulties he should report the salesman to the ACCC. Unfortunately some player software will be region specific and I think falls outside this regulation.

I do however agree with your point that it is a redundant way to try to prevent piracy, suitable really only to the days of the VCR.

Marek said...

LOL, you can still get DVD players that are region locked!. I'm now having the same problem with blu-rays, however at least there are only 2 regions and not all the disks come region encoded.

DRM only hurts the legitimate users, i'm sure those same dvd are available to d/l for free with no issue about being able to play them

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