Monday, February 23, 2009

Just about the strangest letter,

written by Wayne Swan - just days after he wrote asking the House Committee to inquire into

- the choice of emissions trading as the central policy to reduce Australia's carbon pollution, taking into account the need to:

a) reduce carbon pollution at the lowest economic cost;

b) put in place long-term incentives for investment in clean energy and low-emission technology; and

c) contribute to a global solution to climate change.

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"Unfortunate politicisation"?

As Kenneth Davidson writes today

"The original decision was either a cock-up, or the cabinet is split on whether the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is so badly flawed that it should be abandoned in favour of a carbon tax."


Anonymous said...

I think that this sounds quite farcical. One wonders why they setup an inquiry in the first place if they had their policy set in stone (as Labor has consistently said). One also wonders why the committee was due to report its findings after the legislation was due to be voted on in parliament.

I find Swan's excuse for closing off the enquiry to be a complete joke and totally unbelievable.


derrida derider said...

I think the second - a Cabinet split - is far the more likely. But contrast the discipline of the government and opposition here - we don't even know who got rolled or why, whereas if it had happened in the coalition there would be personal insults being traded all over the place.

Peter Martin said...

You're right.

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