Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Westpac gets political, broadcasting "a message for Tony Abbott"

No joke.

Go to http://info.westpac.com.au/media/

It'll look like this:

Click on the Peter Hanlon video, which Westpac have removed (they've been removing a lot lately)

It'll change to this:

Then to this:

Now click on the image of the banana plantation:

And you'll see:

No joke. It's a message to Tony Abbott from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Brought to you via Westpac.

I reckon they've got enough problems communicating their own message.

Correction. I reckon they've got enough trouble working out what their message is.

What next? Donating to both sides of politics? Oh. They've already done that.

Removing their head of retail and attempting to remove video evidence of him? They've already done that.

By the way, here's the ad that started the whole thing. Westpac says it removed it "following feedback". It hasn't actually. Click on this button and you'll still find it.

Okay. So they can't work out what their message is, can't deliver it, and can't run an ever-changing website.

But you'd trust them with your banking.

UPDATE: 11.50 pm Wednesday - Westpac finally removed the page. I guess they read this post.

Here's how it looks now:

Meantime NAB's been busy.

Its message is easier to sell:

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