Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Who'd live in NSW?

Alexandra Smith in today's Sydney Morning Herald:

"In 1998 the lid was lifted on the corrupt world of NSW railways, revealing that supplying prostitutes could win you a contract, fake medical certificates signed by a dead doctor would get you a day off work, and you could claim overtime while playing golf.

Ten years later it seems little has changed in RailCorp and the stench of corruption is slowly engulfing the NSW public sector.

In past 12 months the Independent Commission Against Corruption has held inquiries into three State Government agencies - the Roads and Traffic Authority, RailCorp and the Department of Housing; the NSW Fire Brigades has joined the list this week."

Read it and be glad if you live outside of the Rum Corp state.

UPDATE: Police and the state of NSW, by former NSW Auditor General Tony Harris