Sunday, April 06, 2008

A 2020 Preview

And not a very inspiring one, I am afraid.

Andrew Leigh took part in Saturday's prequel, the ACT's own 2020 Summit.

He has printed out a list of the ideas that his group (education) came up with and then drew the following depressingly apparent conclusions:

"One of the things that you can tell from the above list is what happens if you put people with a single expenditure priority in a room and don’t give them a budget constraint. I have to hand it to those creative folks: they’re very creative in the ways they ask for government money.

I had previously been thinking that all one needed for the 2020 summit was a single big idea (I’ll post mine in the next week or so). But the lesson for me from today - and from the above list - is that any idea with less than 90% support on Day 1 is going to get killed. There simply isn’t time to persuade sceptics."